Daydream Island Music Festival – Langkawi

After having KL lit on a Sunday night and hungover AF on a Monday, the guys behind KL’s legendary Daydream Sunday Pool Parties are kicking things up a notch and organizing the first ever Daydream Island Music Festival in Langkawi!

Great music, beautiful people, drinks, fun, did I say drinks…? and a kicking good time is what you can expect from this mad 2 day getaway in one of Langkawi’s most pristine beaches.

Line up:

Aaron Fevah | Adib | Alex Martin | Azran | Biscuit | Circuitbreaker | CN Williams | Datan | Dora | DJ Farid | Eva | Helmie | Jazzerimo | Jeff Jefferson | J-Sun | Kooler | Kuma | Lee Kemp | Rob G | Winnie

Aside from our sick line up of Local & International DJs, we will have fun activities such as:

-Body & Face Painting
-Tug of War Tournnament
-Beach Volleyball Tournament
-Water Sports
-Jet Ski
-Banana Boat

Daydream Island Music Festival – Langkawi

5 Days on location at Holiday Beach Villa Resort, Langkawi for the 1st Island Music Festival by the Daydream Crew from KL

Job Outline:

Timelapse Festival Set Up, Drone & Ground Video

Capture the event for future marketing material

View Low Resolution Pano 360 On Facebook

Full After Movie – 4 min

After Event Teaser Short Promo

Pre Event Teaser Promo

Aerial Photography & Videography Assignment for a Local Property Developer

High Res Still Images of The Land from various points

1min 30sec Video to show the land area without showing the shallow reef as requested by the developer

High Resolution Sunset Pano 360 – 35 Images stitch & Graded in a Spherical Panorama from 50 meters above the land

View Low Resolution Pano 360 On Facebook

Songserm Ferry Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography shoot for local ferry company SongSerm. Images for new marketing and website update.

Below are some low res images from the shoot that took place over 4 days of amazing weather on the island.

Orion Angthong Marine Park Cruise Photo & Video Shoot

Our yearly visit to Angthong National Marine Park with the Team from Orion Boat Trips.

3 Days staying on Wua Talap Island in the middle of one of thailand most beautiful locations.

Annual update for the customers website and marketing for 2018/19 season

Below are some low res images from the trip to Angthong National Marine Park

Dee Dee Villa Aerial Photography

New client looking for some aerial photography for a new website design and future marketing for a cool villa situated in Thong Lang on koh phangan island. Perfect Views and semi private beach make this an amazing location.

Below are some low res images from the shoot.